Angelina Jolie OOAK repaint on Fashion Fever Barbie

Another doll art project in progress 🙂 x

Screen Kiss Dolls

Fashion Fever head

This was a Fashion Fever Barbie head that had faded quite a bit – a few months ago I repainted her lips and teeth as above. In the last few days I decided to have a go at making Angelina Jolie in ‘Mr & Mrs Smith’ – I’ve tried Angelina repaints previously on Xena Warrior Princess and Maleficent, but never from a Barbie. Here’s the result after three days’ work with acrylic paints and a bit of pastel:


I also curled her hair and brushed it out before tying it up in a ponytail. I like the expression I’ve achieved here, eyebrows slightly raised to go with the smile – I haven’t seen that done before on an Angelina repaint. I think it works because this Barbie had a higher forehead than some.


I’ve found a Ken doll, so he will be next as Brad – I haven’t done a…

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