Q&A: Lisa Scullard – writer, editor, formatter, parkour enthusiast…

A surprise invitation from David Powning of Ink-Wrapped…


Today I’m delighted to welcome writer Lisa Scullard, who works across the zombie, parody and romance genres. She caught my eye recently after releasing a novel under a pen-name with no fanfare or marketing frenzy, and yet achieved surprising results. Lisa also works on the editing side of things, and is a font of knowledge when it comes to formatting.

I was intrigued by your blog post about releasing a book under a pen-name, in a genre that you hadn’t previously written in before, and with next to no promotion. What prompted you to do this, and how surprised were you by the reaction?

I’d dreamed of writing romance from the age of about thirteen, and had a very rose-tinted view of it – meaning I never felt qualified. I believed for a very long time that romance authors all led very romantic lives, whereas I’m more self-isolating and insular…

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4 thoughts on “Q&A: Lisa Scullard – writer, editor, formatter, parkour enthusiast…

  1. Hi Lisa, hope all blooming for you :o) I’m dubious about the e mail address I have for you and this is the only way I have of communicating. I wanted to let you know that Penny doesn’t want me in WB any more. We have clashed twice. Unfortunately she has blocked my e mails to WB so, I am unable to tell WBs that I did not walk out on presenting the WB exhibition to which I had committed. Good news, my painting has been shortlisted for the RA Summer Exhibition. I am very happy that you are now a best-selling author, congrats!!! xxx Pat

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