You might see a name that looks familiar, right at the very bottom of the three ‘Honourable Mentions’ to be published in this anthology of competition finalists 🙂

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WebWe could never have anticipated the overwhelming response we received for the Jeffrey Archer Short Story Challenge we introduced in January in partnership with Curtis Brown Creative. After receiving almost a thousand stories from writers all over the UK and North America, our judges worked evenings and weekends to get through them all.

And they were good.

Really, really good.  Fantastic, even. They were so good that it took an extra round of judging to narrow the field down to only twenty.  And having to cut some of them from the final list of 20 broke our hearts so much that we decided to include them in a special “Honourable Mention” section in the upcoming eBook anyway, just because we thought they were amazing and deserved to be seen.

Bestselling author Jeffrey Archer now has the twenty stories we’ve judged to be the best, and will announce the three finalists…

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    • Thank you 🙂 I can’t believe I stood out among nearly 1000 entries – and stood out just enough to be included in only three additional stories with an Honourable Mention in the anthology!

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