Tomb Bather: A Zombie Parody

Reaps007 remix of ‘I Feel Loved’ by Depeche Mode…

“How nice to see you,” the psychopath continues, dripping sarcasm like hydrochloric acid. Which I bet he already keeps stockpiled, in his own bathroom. “Are you still stalking guys, pretending to deliver pizzas for a living?”

“Carvery,” I greet him coldly. “And are you still pretending to be the love of my housemate’s life?”

“You look a little bit worse for wear, Sarah,” Ace Bumgang says, tilting his nearly-full pint glass towards me. “How many have you had so far?”

“Not enough to have my beer goggles on yet,” I answer haughtily.

Even though, confronted by Ace Bumgang and the equally delicious-looking Carvery Slaughter – my forgettably doomed housemate’s current psycho-with-benefits – I feel as though both of my ovaries are racing to hatch the first available egg.

Damn my traitorous hormones! Faced with the two most pheromone-loaded specimens of live masculinity at the University’s Masquerade Summer Ball, my eligible dream zombie Crispin Dry, lurking silently at my side, seems no more than a cardboard cut-out in comparison.

“You could have fooled me,” Carvery cuts in slyly, indicating my companion, on cue.

I wish Crispin would do something to defend my honour, fly into zombie rage action… but he’s too genteel, too eccentric. Edward Scissorhands meets Michael Keaton’s Batman incarnation, without the art of a director like Tim Burton to hold it together. Those ‘fifty shades of gay’ that I suspected earlier are looming again – in contrast to the overwhelming testosterone now evident in the room.

“Seriously,” Ace continues, to my own surprise, with a hint of concern in his voice. “You’re actually drooling, Sarah. It’s kind of creepy. And your right eye is all wandering and squinty. I’m sure you were limping as you walked in. To be fair, I thought it looked like you’d had a stroke. I remember what it was like when my old dear had one. You should go to the hospital, get checked out – if it’s honestly not the alcohol this time.”

“No, I’m fine, really.” I shudder, ignoring my ongoing light-headedness, and the numbness now obvious in my right hip. The hospital is the last place I want to be right now…

“Or maybe your pay-as-you-go date is just more lively in the sack than he looks?” Carvery suggests. “I’ve seen more than a few girls hobbling around and dribbling, after a good session in my company.”

“And the rest are under your floorboards, I imagine?” I reply, trying to match him, snark for snark.

He shakes his head.

“That’s the benefit of having my own paving business,” he smiles nastily. “They’re all under everyone else’s property.”

My mouth drops open, like an unsecured loft hatch. The nerve! He could get sued for use of sub-standard foundation materials… everyone knows that human remains don’t retain their structural integrity, even when buried in concrete…

My voice refuses to co-operate, as some announcement comes over the Conference Hall tannoy, about an imminent World Poverty lecture by Bono from U2, in the main amphitheatre. Partygoers in fancy-dress costume and masks start to gravitate towards the theatre doors.

“Ten minutes have passed, Sarah Bellummm.” Finally! Crispin interrupts, coming to my rescue – like a Speaking Clock in shining armour.

“I’m afraid I will have to leave you, gentlemen,” I say, striking out for the use of courtesy as a weapon. But the way I’m currently slurring, I note it sounds more as though I was declaring my undying love to them both, in drunken Bavaria-dialect German.

At least I have the satisfaction of seeing some disappointment mingled with their repulsion. Although disappointment at what, I’m not sure – depending on what they just heard me say.

“Not staying for a drink, then?” Ace observes, as I link my arm with Crispin once more.

I hesitate.

“Perhaps you’re right,” I say, rebelliously.

I take Ace Bumgang’s pint of Snakebite & Black out of his hand, and down it almost as fast as stand-up comic Billy Stephens. Christ. How does he do that? It feels as though it’s going to whoosh straight out of my ears…

I act as if to hand the empty glass back, letting it slip through my fingers before Ace can grasp it, intending it to smash dramatically on the floor. But I’d forgotten the red carpet laid out especially for the Masked Summer Ball. The pint glass merely bounces, and delivers me a crack on the shin.


“Are you sure you’re okay?” Ace queries, sounding even more doubtful.

“Of course,” I retort. “And you shouldn’t be drinking anyway. I’m sure they can find a new Stig to replace you, on Top Gear.”

“Well, would you drive that fast sober?” Ace calls after me, as I turn away, head in the air – now finding out what it’s like to limp with both feet.

I wish I had a clever parting shot to deliver over my shoulder… Jeremy Clarkson would have thought of one… instead I allow Crispin Dry to guide me back down the many steps of the Conference Hall, to the magnificently-decorated, open-air quad outside, still ringing with the sound of the fireworks display. Where I promptly join several Freshers in their celebrations, by throwing up the Snakebite & Black all over my own feet.

*  *  *  *  *

I don’t know how Luke did it, but there is no sign of the night security guard at the gates of the Science block. We hurry through, and I point out the abandoned ambulance by the Anatomy & Physiology Department.

“They must have taken her up to Pathology,” I say. The thought of my housemate being subjected to zombie torture isn’t as terrifying as it had been, just fifteen minutes earlier. Perhaps seeing her current real live psychopath, who attempts to put her through the meat-grinder on a regular basis, has put the thought into subjective context.

She’d probably compare a zombie rampage to having a Swedish Massage, measured up against one of her booty-calls from him.

At least here the electricity is still functioning, unlike at the hospital. We rush past signs directing us to the laboratory, although they’re kind of negated by the trail of blood, and infrequent bits of abandoned zombie.

At last, we find the dissection bay, and burst in.

“Oh, no!” I cry. Both my eyes and mouth are competing with each other, over who wants to be covered up first. “We’re too late…!”

Crispin lurches over to the gurney and puts the Human Tissues box onto the steel counter, suddenly all businesslike and professional. My housemate, Zero-for-Brains (pretty accurate description, right now) is lying there with all her incisions exposed, and bloodied instruments scattered around, some of them still half-inside her like a game of Operation.

The zombies themselves have apparently long gone…

“It is just a matter of replacing the components in the right order,” says Crispin, the epitome of calm confidence. “And not crossing the streams.”

“Not crossing the what?” I ask, bewildered. So much gore – it can’t be possible…

“The bloodstreams, Sarah Bellummm,” says Crispin. “You have to ensure that you don’t confuse the veins and the arteries.”

“I knew that,” I snap, irritated, wondering why I’m suddenly craving giant marshmallows. “You insert, and I’ll stitch up.”

We work feverishly. Or maybe I just work feverishly. Crispin works methodically, as if servicing and replenishing any old vending machine. In due course, we have a complete and watertight cadaver on the gurney between us. A cadaver that used to be my housemate. My best friend. Aaargh! I’ll have to think of a pet-name for her. This is ridiculous.

“Well?” I say. “How do we wake her up?”

Crispin stares at me, with his inky black eyes.

“Oh,” he says, crestfallen. “You wanted her alive?”

“Of course ALIVE!” I yell. “What do we have to do? Invoke a special god? Say some magic words? Take her to a forbidden temple? Sacrifice an illegal immigrant? Tell me how we bring her back to life, dammit!”

“I can do that,” interrupts a sardonic voice, and the evil outline of Carvery Slaughter appears in the doorway. “Wondered where you had to be in such a hurry.”

He saunters in, the laboratory spotlights glistening off his hard, unyielding musculature. Oh boy. Would I sperm-jack him… Posthumously, of course. After I’d bumped him off, and figured out how to dispose of the body.

“So,” he continues, looking impassively down at the shape of his hitherto punch-bag. At least most of the swelling has gone down, since being shanghaied and pillaged by zombies. She’s barely recognisable from how I usually see her, except for being black-and-blue still. “What trouble did Wank-Tits get herself into this time?”

Phew. At least it’s not just me, who never remembers her real name.

“She became a live organ-donor,” I say, scowling at Crispin, who has the sense to look suitably pensive. “We’ve fixed her up, but I don’t know how to re-animate her. I only perform on dead people.”

“Yeah, I had heard that about you,” Carvery sighs, and peels up one of Miss Numb Nut’s eyelids. “Yeah, it’s not too late. I have to carry one of these. Girls conk out on me all the time. It’s a tough life, being such a stud.”

He walks around to the foot of the gurney, and takes out a Taser. I’m just quick enough to leap away from the metal trolley, as he stabs the contacts into the sole of her foot.

Her whole body arches off the trolley. After a few seconds, the psychopath disconnects the current, and she slams back down again, scattering the remaining instruments.

After what seems like a millennium, she suddenly takes a long, shuddering breath.

“She’s alive!” I cry, relief flooding through me, like the effect of mild bladder weakness on the underpants.

“Yay,” says Carvery Slaughter, deadpan. He twirls the Taser in his hand, and puts it away again.

Crispin takes the professional attitude. He prods her shoulder.

“Can you open your eyes, Miss…?” He looks at me for a prompt. Carvery and I exchange a look, and both shrug.

“My eyes are open,” she mumbles. Phew. At least she can still talk. That tongue was very fiddly to insert.

“I think you have your eyes wide shut at the moment, Miss,” Crispin confirms. “Can you tell me your name?”

We all lean in, hopefully.

“Er…” Fuck. Maybe that was too much to hope for. “My boyfriend… I think he knows. Something beginning with N… Nim… Nymph… I think it might be Nymphette…”

“Nympho,” Carvery corrects her. “But only if you’re good, then I call you Nympho.”

She bolts upright on the trolley, tears streaming down her face, her bloodstained arms outstretched.

“Carver!” she cries. “I knew you’d come to my res… res… resuscitation…”

“Yeah, yeah,” he grumbles, and helps her off the trolley. “Come on, Punk. I’ll take you home. Unless you want to come back to the party with me first. You make a good Autopsy costume impression, in your current state…”

“Punk…?” I query, wondering if it’s something I’d recognise as printed on our tenancy agreement. “Is that an abbreviation?”

“Short for Pumpkin, I guess,” Carvery tells me. “Because usually she looks like one, if you get my drift.”

With an unpleasantly meaningful wink, which puts thoughts into my head of both sex and shovels, he leads her out. I hear her apologising to him for being so useless as usual, as their footsteps fade away down the passage.

“We should go too, Sarah Bellummm,” Crispin says, interrupting my thoughts of sperm-jacking and justice.

Dumbly, I nod. Maybe there’ll be another Gin Sling in it for me tonight, after all.

*  *  *  *  *

Luke, the taxi-driver, meets us outside.

“Back to the hospital,” Crispin orders. “My Cadillac is there.”

“Sure thing,” Luke nods.

“What happened with the security guards?” I ask. We go over a speed-bump leaving the Science block, and I hear a thud and a knocking sound coming from the trunk. “Is your car all right? It’s making a bit of a funny noise back here…”

“I just pretended to need a little roadside assistance,” Luke chuckles. “They were very co-operative. I didn’t even need to use the force.”

*  *  *  *  *

The zombies had moved on from the hospital car-park, so we were able to retrieve the Caddy easily, and drive back to Crispin Dry’s mansion, in silence. My Pizza Heaven scooter is still where I left it, on the palatial driveway.

He turns to me, and sighs. It has been a long night.

“Can I offer you a nightcap, Sarah Bellummm?” Crispin says quietly.

“Thought you’d never ask!” I leap promptly out of the passenger door. I’m parched.

“You can use the bathroom and shower, if you wish,” he says, as we enter the huge abode. I look down at my housemate’s blood all over my work uniform. Good point. Some of this might be infectious. “I will make the drinks.”

There is a large gold-and-marble en-suite bathroom in an apartment on the first floor. I scrub my skin all over with a loofah until I am bright red, then turn the water to cold and wait until I am pale blue.

Hopefully nothing serious could survive that. I wonder if I should get myself checked for radiation at the Physics department as well tomorrow, just in case. You never know what else Twat-Face might be carrying, a little voice says in my head.

I emerge from the shower in a white towel. Strange. My uniform isn’t where I left it. I head out of the bathroom, into the bedroom of the luxurious suite of rooms.

“I put your uniform in the incinerator,” Crispin greets me apologetically. Thank goodness, he is standing there with a tray of drinks. I grab the nearest glass and knock the contents back in one, before reaching for the second. “Only your underwear was free of bloodstains. I can lend you some clean ones belonging to my household staff, along with some other clothes…”

“No thanks,” I say, plonking the second empty hi-ball glass back on the tray. “I don’t think I want to wear any of your other tarts’ trophy knickers.”

I turn away, summoning all of my pride, and hear him gasp as I drop the towel on the floor dismissively, in a blatant impersonation of Angelina Jolie in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. Even though she didn’t win an Oscar for that one, it’s still one of her most-Googled scenes. Hah! He’s not immune to my charms either, then…

I give him a triumphant glance over my shoulder, before striding over to the bed, and reaching for my own underwear.

The effect is completely ruined, when his pet cockerel runs flapping across the duvet. Meaning I have to spend the next hour and forty-five minutes chasing it around the suite, while it panics, the gusset of my knickers wrapped around its leg.

The original above (excerpt). Enjoy (if you can, in such a short space of time!) 😉

More mindless mayhem: The Zombie Adventures of Sarah Bellum

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Phantom of the Operating Theatre: A Zombie Parody

Depeche Mode’s ‘Policy of Truth’ – an early remix by Reaps007

Our driver takes Crispin’s advice, scattering street-garbage as we cut to the right. Faced with a deserted residential crescent ahead, and flooring it. With any luck we’ll beat the ambulance-jackers to the next junction, and head them off.

I wonder how my housemate is holding up in there, with her reattached thumb, and record-breaking collection of boyfriend-imparted abuse injuries and STDs. Being kidnapped by spare-parts-hungry zombies and rattling around in a stolen ambulance is probably an improvement, for her.

Knowing her as well as I do, she’ll have Stockholm Syndrome by the time we catch up with them. Hmmm. Maybe they’ll give her a new Zombie name. That would help things along, at any rate. I’ll have something to put on her tombstone. Something to identify her, before the engraved words ‘Feel free to wipe your feet on this Doormat’.

I must have known her name at some point…

We hurtle out of the junction, just missing the rear of the passing ambulance – by a gnat’s twat.

“Dammit!” I shout, frustrated.

“Which hospital are they transferring your friend to?” Mr. Lukan – the taxi-driver – asks us.

“They will require somewhere with surgical or dissection facilities,” Crispin Dry muses, and I feel his cold zombie fingers squeeze my own more tightly.

I’m glad I’m sitting down, because my hamstrings are suddenly akin to soggy spaghetti. I’ve never heard the word ‘dissection’ sound so attractive. Considering that to me, it’s already right up there with ‘Forensics’ and ‘Pathology’.

“The University campus?” the driver suggests. “It’s the Masquerade Summer Ball tonight – all the buildings will be open for showcase presentations…”

“Yesss,” Crispin hisses, in his hypnotic monotone, causing my buttocks to clench sympathetically to my jellied hamstrings. The ambulance, rocking along the road in front of us, abruptly takes a turning indicated by a Cramps University road-sign. “Go with your feelings, Luke…”

Sure enough, the ambulance heads straight for the Science buildings. It is allowed directly through the barriers, by the night security team.

“They must have been alerted to the power cut at the main hospital already,” I say. “What about us?”

“You just stay quiet,” says Luke. “Let me worry about the guards.”

Before I can worry about what that might entail, we pull up at the barrier, and Luke rolls his window down.

“Where are you driving this – thing?” the night security guard demands, eyeing the zombie-entrail-smeared windshield, and shreds of garbage clinging to the bodywork.

“Patient transfer from Cramps University Hospital,” says Luke, briskly. “We’re with them.”

“I wasn’t notified,” the guard responds, deadpan, and his one glance at the two of us huddled in the back seems to seal our fate. “And no partygoers under the influence allowed in the Science buildings. You’ll have to go back across the street to the public car park for the Masked Summer Ball, folks.”

“My mistake,” says Luke smoothly, putting the taxi into reverse. “Thanks for your help.”

“No!” I cry, as we turn in the road. “My housemate – she’s here!”

“We won’t help her by charging in on our own, tearing the place up,” Crispin reasons – although it sounds like perfect zombie retribution to me. “We’ll be better off mingling with the crowd, and waiting for reinforcements.”

“What? I’ve never heard of an escape plan like that before!” I shout. I rack my brains. Or have I? Was it Steven Seagal? Oh no, wait – I think that was the takeover scene in Under Siege… they all hung out pretending to be part of the crew, and then some more flew in by helicopter, and then…

“It’s cool, man,” Luke interrupts my procrastinating thoughts. “You two hang out here at the party, and I’ll find a way to distract the guards. Give me ten minutes, then you can stroll right through.”

“Ten minutes? She’ll be hamburger by then!” I rant.

“But you forget, Sarah Bellummm,” Crispin says, soothingly. “I have all the necessary spare parts.”

And he pats the lid of the Human Tissues container, still on the seat between us.

I just manage to stop myself from yelling at him, that if he hadn’t stolen them in the first place, we wouldn’t even be in this predicament…

Luke drops us in the car-park of the main campus, circles around, gives us a brief salute, and heads off on his mysterious mission, pulling up the brown hood of his Christian Audigier skull-logo jacket.

Students and faculty staff are converging on the Conference Hall, in a dazzling array of costumes and masks. Fireworks in the night sky scatter rainbow light, reflecting off all the glitz and glitter.

“We’re not in costume!” I whisper, in panic. “They’ll think we’re gatecrashers!”

Crispin turns and looks at me, appraisingly.

“I see a perfectly attractive young woman, dressed for the occasion as a pizza-delivery girl,” he says, quite calmly. I look down at my Pizza Heaven work fleece, wondering if he still recalls what I said earlier about having nothing on underneath. It’s certainly starting to feel a bit itchy, in a couple of specific places. “And I have come as a zombie Crispin Dry, the famous vending machine entrepreneur. I do not see anything about either of us to arouse suspicion. Just try to avoid stealing too many magnums of Champagne.”

I flush scarlet. My thinly-disguised alcoholism is obviously doing me no favours. But he’s right. I’ve thought of pretty much little else but that next Sloe Gin Sling awaiting me, when we get back to his place at some point.

“As if!” I scoff instead though, trying to feign hurt feelings. Idly, I wonder how big the wine cellar might be, under that huge mansion of his.

Crispin takes my hand with his free one, the other carrying the Human Tissues transport box (now relegated to the role of fancy-dress prop) and leads me up the grand steps, into the Conference Hall.

The décor is breathtaking. No expense has been spared on lighting and effects. I take in the gold drapery and red carpet in the giant lobby, set off with full-size potted palms, and ten-metre plasma screen displays. I gaze around, open-mouthed, momentarily forgetting my dear housemate, Fuckwit, currently being demolished by zombie surgeons in the Science block across the road…


The familiar voice brings me back to planet Earth with a clang. I lower my eyes from the gaudy fabric-swirly in the ceiling, to meet the startled gaze of my own reflection, in a fancy-dress welding mask. The wearer pushes it up, sharply – but I’ve already identified the owner of those to-die-for pectorals, in the deliberately charred workman’s coveralls…

“Ace!” I squeal, terrified.

Ace Bumgang!

Here???!! NO!

My dream encounter shatters into a million pieces. For not only am I here in my work clothes, on a mission to save my housemate-slash-best friend, Name-That-Smell – I’m here with Someone Else. Whose hand I’m still holding…

Wrong, wrong, wrong!!!

This isn’t the way it was meant to happen…!!

Ace’s fabulously dark brown eyes look me up and down.

“Tight budget on the costume front, huh?” he remarks.

“Could say the same for you, petrol-head,” I shoot back, trying to disguise the tremor in my voice.

My knees are knocking, and trying to switch places in time with the music.

“Or did you spend the budget on your date for the night?” he teases, nodding towards my zombie companion, Crispin. “That’s a pretty good look-alike. Does he do Strip-a-Grams, as well as escorting?”

“I don’t know,” I say, tersely, ignoring the zombie’s low growl. “I’ll have to ask him later, when I’m negotiating my after-party extras.”

“No need to boast,” Ace grins. Oh Em Gee. Looks as good as his should come with CPR instructions, for faint-hearted females. “I brought a date too, you know…”

My failing heart sinks as he turns slightly to look behind him, and another familiar face atop an Adonis body swivels to gaze at me.


“Hello, Sarah,” says the human butcher and bulldozer, his eyes half-hidden, American Psycho-style, behind an Avon anti-stress refrigerator mask.

It’s him. Miss Fucktard’s assault and rechargeable battery-powered boyfriend.

The most recent cinematic version above – Enjoy. Hmm… Maybe I could do a ‘Zombie Adventures of Sarah Bellum: The Musical’ – someone get me Tim Burton on the phone… 😉

More mindless mayhem: The Zombie Adventures of Sarah Bellum

Also available for all other devices, and online reading, on Smashwords