The Taxman

Take a minute to watch the amateur video above to the Taxman song by The Beatles, it’s awesome. Reminds me of sketches by The Goodies, Benny Hill and Dick Emery. 🙂

Just spent half an hour checking and filling out my Self-Assessment Tax Return and Tax Credits renewal for last April. It’s easy when you have the right paperwork – I got an annual tax statement in my payslips from my last employer, on which all the figures I needed were printed. For self-employment, which accounted for the first three months of last year, I had my invoices and outgoings calculated from my statements. The forms aren’t nearly as intimidating as they originally seem, although I always make mistakes in which boxes they appear and have to correct as I go along – why do they print everything in that faint green-on-white? My eyesight can’t handle it! 🙂

I don’t know why, when I’m feeling really stressed, that’s the kind of thing which calms me down. Stuff that’s broken down into numbers and equations.

Anyway. Still getting asked for dates, but that’s all on hold for now due to busy week ahead – got eye surgery to look forward to again. Only my tenth, or thereabouts – I should have a surgery anniversary or something to celebrate.

Did another piece of artwork, this time on spec for a motorcycle venture – will post more about that when I know about the outcome.

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