Countdown to going solo 8…

…One day left to go, then I have to do the whole self-employed registration thing. National insurance, tax, yada yada yada… I’ve been self-employed before, as a nightclub door supervisor (sub-contractor). It’s not that hard. Just more paperwork, that counts towards hours spent working. 🙂

The whole not-making-a-profit thing isn’t a big deal either, it’s about doing work I enjoy, and vacating a job that someone else probably will.

Haven’t really been thinking much today. Didn’t sleep well, had some weird dream in which Darth Vader turned out to be Jeremy Clarkson, went to an appointment with my daughter, went to Tesco, came back and mowed the lawn in the back garden. It’s nice when things don’t have to be philosophical. But is that a philosophy emerging already? D’oh!

Living Hell eBookAlso I sold a copy of Living Hell on Kindle US. A few weeks ago I was interviewed for author Shalini Boland’s blog, which was posted online yesterday. Then this morning she sent me another link to Cartoono’s Satire Daily – where his site had picked up the link to the interview also, from our Twitter conversations. So in some convoluted way, publicity for this particular book found its way onto someone’s eReader.

It’s nice seeing my writing has a life of its own, now it’s available. I think once a story goes out into the world, how it appears in the mind of readers is something personal to them. I have my own ideas of how the characters and places look, as I said on here yesterday, but other readers have their own different imagery when reading. When a cross-section of romance fiction readers were asked to describe their idea of Mr. Darcy for a TV documentary, and their thoughts interpreted by a police artist, the range of faces that emerged was stunning. This wasn’t a failure on the part of Jane Austen to describe him fully – it was a success on her part to create a character which lived a life of his own, leaping off the pages into the varied imaginations of many generations of readers.

That’s what I think of as writer skill. To tell stories so engaging and create characters so alive, that people around the world and across generations can picture them in their own minds, hear their voices, and live in those times, for the duration of an enjoyable read.

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