Countdown to going solo 3…

Went graphic novel shopping today. Couldn’t find an Abnett/Harrison Durham Red: Scarlet Cantos or Vermin Stars (I already have The Empty Suns), but found an amazing Zombies vs Robots: Aventure and the unbelievably cute Toxic Planet – like Charlie Brown with gasmasks. Love it.

And got inspired, as you can see by my scanner mash-up/MS Paint cut-and-shut collage above (not a lot to do at 3:00am, and the neighbours wouldn’t be happy if I tried to do housework right now). So along with finishing writing another chapter of my ‘official’ romance novel, and starting to format a short story collection, I’m now thinking along the lines of graphic novels. I’ve got lots of material in terms of stories, and I can do a good scribble – so maybe I’ll have a go. It’s backgrounds I need to practise, mostly. Faces are easy. Have a feeling I’ll be out with a camera looking at buildings and things for inspiration.

No news on the dating front today. Went to a writing buddies meeting, discovered I like cinnamon in coffee, and started reading Sue Moorcroft’s “Love Writing ~ How to Make Money Writing Romantic or Erotic Fiction” which just arrived earlier. Great stuff, and some excellent advice – and in the first pages, I was relieved to read about the habit of romantic writers to ‘people-watch’ others in relationships (although I haven’t taken notes on a napkin yet!) – so glad it’s not just me that does that! It’s encouraging to learn that not everyone who attempts romance fiction writing is going into it as an expert. I am totally NOT one of those experts!

Now I’m off to bed to try and dream about my new hero. If I believe in him, then the readers will. I just hope they don’t think my taste in men is odd.*

*Don’t worry. I haven’t described him in this book as ‘Prince Harry meets Ray Mears’ – I’ve been watching some movies, and found a new muse. But I’m not saying who. 😉