Countdown to going solo…

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Just so you know it's me. 🙂

Hello! Long time no see! Well, actually, it probably isn’t that long, especially if you’ve just popped in from Twitter or Blogspot to find out what’s new with this particular renegade mercenary writer now.

Well, having been tutoring the use of WordPress to a fellow writer, I’ve realised how much fun it is, and rather than besmirch my other blogs with being myself on them, decided to set up one of my own and blather on about whatever takes my fancy, whether it has anything to do with writing or not.

If you haven’t guessed so far, I’m Lisa Scullard. Gosh, that sounds weird. Just Lisa Scullard on its own. Not Lisa Scullard the NHS Health Care Support Worker, or Lisa Scullard the patient announcing arrival for a hospital appointment, or Lisa Scullard the door supervisor taking your details for a First Aid nightclub incident report. Not even Lisa Scullard the author, desperate to sell some books so she can justify writing some more, LOL! 🙂

It’s been a long time even since I had to say, Lisa Scullard the parent. Not in an official capacity. Since my holiday-romance baby, now nearly a teenager, has been registered as schooling at home, there’s a refreshing lack of red tape around the whole issue of parenting. Still a small amount, but it doesn’t revolve around school spam mail, charity begging letters, uniforms, shoes, P.E. kit, lunchboxes, clock-watching, sports day blackmail, ransom demands in the form of requests for official sick notes, pointless phone calls in which teachers apparently never SEE bullying occur, and reminders that ‘your child is a representative of the school’ even when they’re walking home in their own time, with their shirt untucked, kicking a football. Well, it doesn’t seem fair that way around. What about the school being representative of the child? Such as sticking up for their rights, to learn in a classroom where they’re not being excluded and bullied?

Anyway – not our problem anymore. But I have to say, it’s not something to be taken lightly. I’ve found through various jobs and hours and shiftwork over the last eight years, that it doesn’t really work out for me being a single parent trying to work and fit in home education – unless you’re earning enough to pay for private tuition – especially when there’s the added consideration of ongoing counselling, and special needs assessment for Asperger’s Syndrome also in the pipeline.

What I’ve found works best in this scenario is working from home. Writing – ideal, especially when your own child then reviews your books on their blog. 🙂

I always thought I was being a role model for my child by going out to work, without realising how much we were missing out on and she resisted it. But when she said she wanted to read my book I’d written and published in my spare time, and told me how great it was, and that if she goes back to school she’ll be able to say I’m an author and show other children my books – I realised that the thing she was most impressed by was that I had a creative hobby. Not that I went out and saved lives, or broke up fights between drunk people, or worked in a hospital tucking old people into bed. She was impressed by something I did right at home, watching the TV, with my cold cup of tea, and a pile of laundry on the chair next to me, where she could get one of her five-hugs-a-day on demand.

So I’ve given in my notice, guessing that there’s more to life than what I thought were good standard examples of ‘lifestyle’ or ‘work’ – whatever they are. I’ll just have to call it self-employed, and wing it. 🙂

I took her to see Shakespeare performed outdoors last weekend, without a clue whether she’d enjoy it or not – and she’s already asked to go to another one. And I got to be there with her while she laughed, and joked, and had such a great time. That’s something I definitely wouldn’t have missed.